Walking is Great for your Health

We all know it, but have you ever tried to sit down to list all the specific reasons WHY walking is good for you? I tried to do this myself and came up with the following:

– weight loss
– cardio is good for your heart and blood pressure
– releases endorphins to make you happier.

Not bad… these reasons are all great for why we should walk. And I thought I had a pretty good list, until I came across the blog Bob’s Walking Program that pointed out a few more.

– Reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease
– Improve blood circulation
– Improve flexibility
– Better concentration and memorization
– Reduce the risk of breast cancer
– Increase energy
– Improve cardiovascular function

Bob is not the only one that recommends that you should walk. The American Heart Association suggests that walking 30 minutes 5 days week at moderate intensity could improve your health.

So there you have it. Whether you do it for your own reasons, or by the ones recommended by respected bloggers and the American Heart Association, walking proves to be a great way to improve your health.

For more walking information, including shoes, stretches, and safety tips, visit Bob’s blog at runwalkbecause.com.

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IOS Version Now Available

The iOS version of Virtual Walk is now available in the iTunes app store!

The iOS version is our best version yet, with improved sliding menus and enhanced user history features. Be one of the first people to download and get it in the app store today!

What’s Next?
A new feature will be added to allow users to walk with a friend; two users in different locations will be able to compare each other’s progress on one virtual route, regardless of their mobile platform. Friends will be able to track each other’s walk activity in a Facebook-like news feed. Stay tuned for screenshots.

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Virtual Walk named “Best Walking App” of 2013 in About.com Reader’s Choice Awards

By: John Zaccone

Richmond, VA – The Virtual Walk Android app by Virtual Walk LLC recently won the award for “Best Walking App” in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards for 2013. This award marks the start of success for an up and coming health and fitness app geared towards walkers, runners, and bicyclists alike. Visit www.walking.about.com for more information about the award.

“We are very honored to have received this award,” says John Zaccone, Richmond based co-owner of Virtual Walk LLC. “It keeps us motivated to add new features as quickly as possible.”

Virtual Walk debuted on Google Play in December, 2012. This free app tracks your walking progress via GPS or a fixed walking speed (in treadmill mode) and uses your progress to map your location on a virtual route. There are multiple free virtual routes to choose from, including the first two parts of the Appalachian Trail, city walks, and national parks, with the library of routes expanding weekly. Each walk contains content such as photos, text and videos about the landmarks on the route. Some walks will be priced at a $1 premium, but enough free content will be published to allow walkers to use the app daily without cost. Virtual Walk aims to break the routine of other fitness apps by providing new and interesting content on these virtual routes.

For more information about the app visit www.virtual-walk.com.

What’s Next?
The members of Virtual Walk LLC are working very hard to release the iPhone/iPad version of the app, and expect this version to be released in June. A new feature will be added to allow users to walk with a friend; two users in different locations will be able to compare each other’s progress on one virtual route, regardless of their mobile platform. New walks will be added to the library of virtual routes including international walks and a walk across America.

To obtain more information or screenshots of Virtual Walk, please contact:

John Zaccone, Co-Owner
3301 W Grace St. #3
Richmond, VA 23221
Office: (734) 751-2752


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Virtual Walk wins “Best Walking App” of 2013!

Thank you to the supporters of Virtual Walk who voted us “Best Walking App” in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards. The competition took place during the months of February and March where reader’s could vote daily for their favorite app, among other things walking related, at walking.about.com.

What’s next? The Virtual Walk team is hard at work to complete the iPhone/iPad version of the app, which is expected to be released in June.

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Vote Now for About.com Reader’s Choice Awards!

Virtual Walk has the honor of making it to the finals of the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards! It is now up to the readers to get online and cast their vote to determine the best walking app for 2013. Vote HERE

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Walk Store Now Open

The walk store is now open, marking the start of a constantly expanding library of virtual walks. The first edition of the walk store includes:

Yellowstone National Park:

Yellowstone has over 10,000 thermodynamic features and contains over half the geysers in the world. Take of the tour of the different geysers and other features in Yellowstone Nationals Park, challenge yourself with some fun quizzes, and at the end of the tour, watch the famous Old Faithful geyser erupt in a video.

Appalachian Trail Part 2:

Continue your journey on the Appalachian Trail with part 2, which takes you through the state of North Carolina. Learn a little bit about the history of the A.T. and see wildlife along your way in this 80+ mile trek to the Tennessee border.

Beverly Hills:

Be on the look out for celebrities in this walk through Beverly Hills. Go shopping at Rodeo Drive, spend the night at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and visit UCLA campus while you enjoy some virtual sun!

Stay tuned, because more walks will be added every week.

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New Features: Treadmill Version and New Google Maps

Two great features have been added to the most recently released version of the Virtual Walk Android app. Firstly, by high demand, a treadmill option has been added as an alternative to using GPS.

The treadmill version allows users to do two things. First, they can use the app indoors or on a treadmill where there is no GPS signal. Second, they can use the app with non-gps devices such as tablets.

The second feature added to Virtual Walk is integration with the new Google Maps API recently released to Android developers last month. The new Google Maps heightens the Virtual Walk experience by allowing users to view their routes in 3D. With intuitive user-interface gestures users can tilt and rotate the map with two fingers. The new Google Maps also utilizes satellite imagery to add even more detail to the maps. Zoom in close to New York City and see the buildings pop out of the map!

Users will also notice significant navigation improvements with the use of tabs at the top to switch easily between walks, map, and stats. The new version allows for users to view each route quickly by going back and forth between the walk and map tabs. Although “Shop” is one of the tabs, it is simply a placeholder for now. That is the next thing to be implemented.

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Why use Virtual Walk?

The great thing about Virtual Walk is that… well there are a lot of great things about Virtual Walk! Unlike other GPS walking apps like MapMyWalk or Endomondo, Virtual Walk doesn’t track your location of where you are, but rather where you want to be. This means that in the hustle and bustle of the real world, when you only have time to walk around your neighborhood, you don’t need to worry about being bored- Virtual Walk has you covered. Just start it up and select a route in downtown Manhattan or in the open spaces of Utah at Arches National Park, and within 5 seconds you are on your way to exploring a whole new place. The possibilities are endless. Besides from that there are many other reasons why you should choose to use Virtual Walk. Here is just to name a few:

  • Track your activity history
  • Motivation to get in your daily exercise
  • Walk the same trail by your house every day, but experience something different
  • Learn interesting facts about interesting places
  • Impress your friends with your new knowledge
  • Constantly expanding features, so you’ll never be bored.
  • Whole new way to walk the dog
  • Enjoy high quality pictures of cool looking stuff.


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First Release

The initial idea for Virtual Walk came from a group of people who walk regularly, and to make things more interesting, track their total miles and their progress along a virtual route across the United States. We realized other people might want to do this, so by using the GPS in their cellphones, we wrote this application to make it a little easier.

But then we got carried away, and added more routes than just going across the country, and added content where users can learn, see, and read about many places along the routes. So far we have included interesting information, landmarks,  pictures, quizzes and YouTube videos with so many more ideas that we just don’t have to time implement them all! Our dream is to eventually allow users to walk with friends so that 2 or more people located in different cities may share and learn together and also to allow users to create their own walking routes and share with others to complete!

Virtual Walk is now available free of charge for android via Google Play. Just in time for the holiday season! The first release walks are as follows:

  • Appalachian Trail
  • New York City
  • National Mall, Washington, D.C.
  • Boston Marathon
  • Arches National Park

Have an idea for a walk? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email at developers@virtual-walk.com


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