New Features: Treadmill Version and New Google Maps

Two great features have been added to the most recently released version of the Virtual Walk Android app. Firstly, by high demand, a treadmill option has been added as an alternative to using GPS.

The treadmill version allows users to do two things. First, they can use the app indoors or on a treadmill where there is no GPS signal. Second, they can use the app with non-gps devices such as tablets.

The second feature added to Virtual Walk is integration with the new Google Maps API recently released to Android developers last month. The new Google Maps heightens the Virtual Walk experience by allowing users to view their routes in 3D. With intuitive user-interface gestures users can tilt and rotate the map with two fingers. The new Google Maps also utilizes satellite imagery to add even more detail to the maps. Zoom in close to New York City and see the buildings pop out of the map!

Users will also notice significant navigation improvements with the use of tabs at the top to switch easily between walks, map, and stats. The new version allows for users to view each route quickly by going back and forth between the walk and map tabs. Although “Shop” is one of the tabs, it is simply a placeholder for now. That is the next thing to be implemented.

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