Virtual Walk named “Best Walking App” of 2013 in Reader’s Choice Awards

By: John Zaccone

Richmond, VA – The Virtual Walk Android app by Virtual Walk LLC recently won the award for “Best Walking App” in the Reader’s Choice Awards for 2013. This award marks the start of success for an up and coming health and fitness app geared towards walkers, runners, and bicyclists alike. Visit for more information about the award.

“We are very honored to have received this award,” says John Zaccone, Richmond based co-owner of Virtual Walk LLC. “It keeps us motivated to add new features as quickly as possible.”

Virtual Walk debuted on Google Play in December, 2012. This free app tracks your walking progress via GPS or a fixed walking speed (in treadmill mode) and uses your progress to map your location on a virtual route. There are multiple free virtual routes to choose from, including the first two parts of the Appalachian Trail, city walks, and national parks, with the library of routes expanding weekly. Each walk contains content such as photos, text and videos about the landmarks on the route. Some walks will be priced at a $1 premium, but enough free content will be published to allow walkers to use the app daily without cost. Virtual Walk aims to break the routine of other fitness apps by providing new and interesting content on these virtual routes.

For more information about the app visit

What’s Next?
The members of Virtual Walk LLC are working very hard to release the iPhone/iPad version of the app, and expect this version to be released in June. A new feature will be added to allow users to walk with a friend; two users in different locations will be able to compare each other’s progress on one virtual route, regardless of their mobile platform. New walks will be added to the library of virtual routes including international walks and a walk across America.

To obtain more information or screenshots of Virtual Walk, please contact:

John Zaccone, Co-Owner
3301 W Grace St. #3
Richmond, VA 23221
Office: (734) 751-2752


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  1. john kane says:

    I have downloaded your and looking forward to walking the Appalachian trail

    are you going to release a coast to coast trail

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